Mouthful of Feathers - Upland in America - PRE-ORDER for delivery Summer 2023

  • Mouthful of Feathers - Upland in America - PRE-ORDER for delivery Summer 2023

Take this opportunity to pre-order a Limited Edition, Pre-release hardcover anthology that celebrates upland hunting in America, and all that it entails. This collection captures the soul of upland bird hunting in America’s wild places–large and small. From chukar rimrock to ruffed grouse tangle, readers will be swept up in tales of dogs, hunts, guns and the people who love them. Pre-orders include a limited edition print by Frederick Stivers. NOTE THAT THIS IS A LIMITED RUN, AND THESE HARDCOVERS WITH PRINT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!

You may remember that a few years back the Mouthful of Feathers crew put together an e-book, a collection of essays and stories that revolved around upland bird hunting. The final product was a compilation of work that we were proud of. It was, however, an e-book; we came out of that project convinced that stories about dogs and birds and long walks in bird country deserve the weight of paper, a piece of cover art that can be held in the hands, and some precious real-estate on the bookshelf.

We have therefore decided to return to print and paper, to create a book that shares the vision of the original MOF blog, but with enough space to air out some longer tales and bigger thoughts. This collection represents fresh and diverse voices that articulate the experience as we know it – wild, elusive birds from all corners of our continent (West and East and in between) , imperfect dogs (and people), dirtbag camps, busted up field guns, trucks stuck in the mud, days spent putting miles on the boots with nothing to show for it, and yes, even a little blood now and then. We believe it is possible to both honor the tradition of our sport and still write in the un-sanitized present. This collection is not about “how-to,” but rather about “why,” re-told in written language that honors the craft of the telling.

Contributors include Thomas Reed, Reid Bryant, Greg McReynolds, Christine Peterson, Chad Love, Shauna Stephenson, Mike Neiduski, T. Edward Nickens, Els Van Woert, Blaine Peetso, Ryan Busse, David Zoby, Marissa Jensen, Chris Dombrowski, Edgar Castillo, Jillian Likiuski, Eric Thompson, Bruce Smithhammer, and Frederick Stivers.